Inclusivity Hong Kong is an organization by students, for students dedicated to making sure that no student in Hong Kong has to deal with the burden of discrimination at school. 

With the mission of making hong kong's educational environments discrimination-free and more inclusive, Inclusivity Hong Kong operates through 3 main pillars of action: education, engagement, and change within the system. 



In the majority of cases, the root of issues such as discrimination, bigotry and unequal treatment stems from the issue of a lack of understanding and education. That's why we're operating through education, not just as one of our pillars but as a core philosophy and approach. We're dedicated to helping not only those who were uninformed become more informed but also to motivate them to spread the message of inclusion and equality for all. That's why education is a key approach we're taking to address the root cause of this issue. Inclusivity Hong Kong crafts in-house educational materials, comics, videos and other forms of materials. Our educational team is dedicated to making our materials fun yet informative, and we do so by creating custom in-house content. This content is circulated through schools as well as on social media in order to allow increased access to our materials through different platforms. 


In order to properly address discrimination in educational environments, cooperation with schools is the most effective way to make a change. Inclusivity Hong Kong is dedicated to ensuring the betterment of inclusion and diversity programs within schools to be more effective, informative and approachable. As students, we're able to offer unique insight on what does and does not resonate with our peers. Inclusivity Hong Kong also creates, publishes and provides schools accross Hong Kong with access to our in-house educational materials, specifically created to educate and appeal to the demographic of high school students.  Inclusivity Hong Kong believes that cooperation is the best way to get things done, and working with school administrators, educators and other students is the best way to make meaningful change within Hong Kong's schools.  That's why one of our pillars of action is change within the system. 


Our third pillar is engagement. This is due to the need for engagement between community organizations and the communities which they serve. To be effective in this fight against bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice, we need every single person we can to join this movement so we can end discrimination once and for all. Engagement with our communities is not only important to advance our cause, but to also better understand what issues are most pressing and need the most attention. Organizations are only effective if they listen to what people need. 
This pillar is achieved by ensuring that community voices are heard. By hosting informative events, communities will be able to learn more about discrimination in educational environments, and through listening events, roundtables and other conversations, we as an organization will be better able to understand the needs of our community. Engaging with communities is imperative to our success as an organization, and through events such as house parties, fairs, parades, panels, and barbeques, we engage with our community by better informing them about our cause and engaging and including them in the work we do and the goals we strive to achieve.


Dedicated to ensuring that educational environments are free of discrimination, Inclusivity Hong Kong was founded on the values and principles of equality and inclusion for all. Started in 2019, Inclusivity Hong Kong has spearheaded campaigns in educational environments through social media and other forms of communication in order to eradicate discrimination in schools and other educational environments.


We believe that no student should be burdened by the issue of discrimination, especially in environments that are meant to be safe and welcoming to all.


Inclusivity Hong Kong has the goal of ensuring that every student feels safe and included at school.  Being entirely student-led, Inclusivity Hong Kong brings the unique experiences of students who have both witnessed and personally experienced discrimination at schools, and are dedicated to making a change. 




Inclusivity hong kong is a people-powered organization, and we can only fulfill our goal if we are able to change hearts and minds. This is why every single person that helps us truly counts and makes a difference. If you're inspired by the work we do and agree that discrimination cannot, and should not be an issue for students in hong kong, please support us in any of the following ways: