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Organizers have the responsibility of managing volunteers, helping to organize events and engage their respective communities and coalitions in order to advance InclusivityHK's cause of inclusion and diversity.


Typical responsibilities of organizers will include: 

  • Getting turnout at events by engaging with their respective 

  • Raising morale at events 

  • Organizing volunteers at events

  • Work with the organizing director to ensure that events and community engagement go smoothly

  • Mobilizing volunteers for action and service events

You should apply for this role if you're: 

  • A "people person"

  • Enjoy leadership 

  • Are able to work as part of a larger team

  • Confident in front of crowds

  • A good speaker


Designers are tasked with designing educational materials, social media content, promotional content and merchandise for InclusivityHK to distribute and sell at events. 

Typical responsibilities of designers will include: 

  • Designing social media graphics 

  • Working with videographers and the communications team to manage graphics 

  • Working with researchers to design educational materials

  • Working to design signage, stickers, and banners for events

  • Designing merchandise such as buttons and t-shirts


You should apply for this role if you're

  • Proficient and confident with Canva

  • Proficient and Confident with Adobe Creative Suite (Mainly Photoshop + Illustrator)

  • Very creative

  • Able to think "outside the box" when it comes to design ideas 

  • Able to work on a deadline


The job of researchers is to conduct research and create content for educational materials. Researchers will work under our educational coordinator to create educational materials. The job of researchers is to find information and create educational content which will then be sent to the designers. 

Typical responsibilities of designers will include: 

  • Working with designers to ensure the production of educational materials

  • Researching topics 

  • Writing transcripts for educational videos

  • Conducting surveys and polls of communities in Hong Kong​

    • Coming up with innovative ideas on how InclusivityHK can better operate based on these polls and surveys​

You should apply for this role if you're

  • Able to handle data

  • Know how to paraphrase information 

  • Confident in your research skills 

  • Able to collaborate with others

  • Use data to fuel innovative ideas 

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